“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”
Joseph H. Pilates

Fab Pilates St Albans

Pilates with Karen

Quality and Excellence

All sessions are provided by Karen Jones, a fully qualified and certified Instructor with Pilates certifications from internationally-renowned top-tier training bodies in both the Pilates mat exercises and all of the Pilates studio equipment.

Karen’s teaching is based on a thorough understanding and practice of the traditional/classical Pilates-method exercises and new exercises drawn from the latest scientific advancements in movement science and related discipline.

Experience and Safety

Karen has been teaching Pilates for over 9 years and practising it herself for over 12 years – not all exercises are suitable for everyone and modifications will be given where appropriate.

Safety underlies all quality training and teaching and is paramount in any session with Karen.

Karen’s Ethos

Karen is passionate about the benefits of the Pilates method for everyone, whatever your age, fitness level, shape, size or restrictions.

Karen’s mission is to make sessions enjoyable, focussed and to yield results, so that you’ll want to return again and again.

State of the Art Equipment

All studio equipment comprises superb, top-of- the-range Balanced Body® reformer, trapeze, chair and arc/step barrel. The versatility of the studio equipment provides safe options for movement limitations so that you can get the best out of your session, whatever your goal.

All mats and small equipment are supplied for all classes and studio sessions.

Tailored Sessions

1:1 and 1:2 sessions are available in the studio. Sessions will include exercises on the Pilates reformer, trapeze, chair and spine corrector as well as mat and using small equipment.

Each body is different. Whatever your goal, your session will be tailored to your needs.

Choice of exercises, resistance, repetitions and studio equipment will be carefully set-up and adapted to your requirements.

Mat Classes

All mat classes are happy, challenging and never, ever the same.

Small classes are essential to give clients sufficient focus and for safety. Classes are never larger than 10-12 and 1: 1 induction required before joining.

As well as mat-only exercises we use small balls, magic circles, resistance bands, Triad Balls©, poles and foam rollers to spice up the classes.


“The support and encouragement you give to me each week is beyond any thanks I can give you. I come away from each class full of admiration. You are the kind of teacher who is a shining example to all of us teachers. The teachers in your classes recognise what a first rate practitioner you are. It was my lucky day when you put your card through our door.”

"You restore my karma at the end of each frantic week."

“When I came to you first I’d pretty much lost enthusiasm for Pilates and felt very ‘stuck’. I now know how exciting and challenging it can be when it’s well taught and explained. I really feel like a different person and am confident that I can improve even more…”

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