“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”
Joseph H. Pilates

Fab Pilates St Albans

What’s right for you?

You are unique. The beauty of all Pilates exercises is that they can be adapted to suit most bodies, whatever your goal.

Whether you choose studio sessions or mat classes, a well-taught Pilates session should leave you feeling exhilarated with a sense of increased space in your joints, a deeper connection with your “core” and an awareness of correct alignment and muscle balance for maximum performance, efficiency and grace in all your movements.

Karen offers:

  • Pilates in a dedicated Pilates studio with special Pilates apparatus, mats and small equipment
  • small classes (up to 12) held in central St Albans and Marshalswick (also with mats and small equipment).

Every client starting Pilates with Karen will begin with a private introductory assessment, where you will be asked to complete an enrolment form and medical questionnaire, discuss any movement issues, experience Karen’s teaching with some typical Pilates exercises chosen (and, if necessary, adapted) for your body and discuss what is best for you. If you are new to Pilates Karen will guide you through some exercises and principles to ensure that you really feel the work and get the most from your experience – there’s a lot to take in at first, but this will prepare you well if you decide to continue, whether joining a class or studio sessions.   Below is some information to help you choose – or why not try a combination of both!


Studio sessions are private, tailored individual sessions booked at times to suit you, and use of the specialist Pilates apparatus. You will get personal attention to detail (which is not always possible to same degree in a mat class) with bespoke progression from week to week. The Pilates apparatus used in the studio facilitates optimum alignment and muscle balance within the closed chain environment of the machinery, with the capability to safely increase resistance, build strength and increase range of movement. These sessions can be focussed on rehabilitation of specific medical conditions or injuries, and/or designed to build strength, endurance and increase flexibility. A studio session can provide a more thorough understanding of the Pilates exercise form and ensure that you get the most out of your workout.

Mat classes are small classes and courses run during term time at which Karen teaches Pilates exercises on the mat (often using small equipment such as small balls, magic circles, stretch bands and foam rollers). In Pilates mat classes it is your body working against gravity that provides the biggest challenge. Exercises flow from one to another, creating an overall workout that leaves you re-invigorated, relaxed and centred.

Would you like to give Pilates a try?


“The support and encouragement you give to me each week is beyond any thanks I can give you. I come away from each class full of admiration. You are the kind of teacher who is a shining example to all of us teachers. The teachers in your classes recognise what a first rate practitioner you are. It was my lucky day when you put your card through our door.”

"You restore my karma at the end of each frantic week."

“When I came to you first I’d pretty much lost enthusiasm for Pilates and felt very ‘stuck’. I now know how exciting and challenging it can be when it’s well taught and explained. I really feel like a different person and am confident that I can improve even more…”

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