“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”
Joseph H.Pilates



When I came to you first I’d pretty much lost enthusiasm for Pilates and felt very ‘stuck’. I now know how exciting and challenging it can be when it’s well taught and explained. I really feel like a different person and am confident that I can improve even more…

The support and encouragement you give to me each week is beyond any thanks I can give you. I come away from each class full of admiration .You are the kind of teacher who is a shining example to all of us teachers. The teachers in your classes recognise what a first rate practitioner you are. It was my lucky day when you put your card through our door.

Really can’t tell you enough how pleased I am that I switched to your classes….best thing I have done this year!

You have rekindled my enjoyment of Pilates with your mat based classes too and I’m so pleased to have found you.

You’ve done a great job with [X]. His shape is changing already. He’s learned buckets about conditioning. Thank you for what you’ve managed/achieved – fabulous tuition.

She has enjoyed it very much and it has definitely made a difference to her back, so many thanks for the attention shown to the girls.

Thank you again for teaching me this term…I think you’re brilliant and I’d like to return next term please.

You always give so much of yourself to every one of us. Your gardening advice was commented on by some of us in today’s class. It is very timely and useful. You have a great influence on the way I look after my body but mentally I feel much happier with myself because of your classes.

Thanks for the lovely info’ and very inspiring classes.

You restore my karma at the end of each frantic week.

Another brilliant year of Pilates!

I know I’ve said it before but I get so much out of our lessons. I’m in love with the Pilates Equipment and how it makes my body feel!!

I have had a great Pilates term thanks so much I love it … amazing isn’t it!!!!!! Look forward with sadness to Pilates next week (as it’s the last one) and really look forward to beginning a new term with you

You have helped me so much and I really love the lessons you are a fantastic teacher.

I have really enjoyed your positive and inclusive style of teaching and have got stronger from the classes.

Take care and thank you for such enjoyable classes.

A lovely way to end the term….how lucky we all are to have you!!!!!!

Many thanks for everything – you are a fantastic teacher and all you do is much appreciated.

Thank you so much for this morning I loved it and you have no idea how much I appreciated it.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us, encourage us and keep us going when we are in danger of giving up.

Thanks for being such a great teacher!

I have really enjoyed my lessons and will really miss the class. Thank you for being such a wonderful and inspiring teacher.

I have really enjoyed my lessons and will really miss the class. Thank you for being such a wonderful and inspiring teacher.

I just want to thank you for your help over the years I have been doing Pilates with you. I very much enjoyed the sessions and hope I can join you again at some point.

Just wanted to say that I think you are really an inspirational teacher.

I have really enjoyed your class and feel I have benefitted hugely

Thank you so much – and thank you so much for being such a good (& patient) teacher

Thank you so much for your expertise and advice.

Thank you for another stimulating year -I know it’s helping me tremendously to keep on top of everything.

Thank you for your inspiring classes!

Thank you for a brilliant term of Pilates!

Thanks for being a really “fab” Pilates teacher!

Always so much warmth and humour in your lovely classes.

A splendid and supportive teacher.

Truly inspirational teaching – an essential part of my support system.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me this year. You have been so kind and just the best teacher.